Forensic Accounting

bostockwhite adopts a strategic and cost-effective approach to forensic assignments.

Forensic Accounting

Bostock White adopts a strategic and cost-effective approach to forensic assignments, working with you to establish the relevant facts, analysing financial information and advising on the implications. We have undertaken fraud and financial investigations involving many different sectors and have experience in a variety of assignments.

We regularly provide expert witness reports, attend mediation hearings and if necessary attend court as required.

We have worked with law enforcement and lawyers in a variety of proceedings and are often asked to provide ad-hoc advice at any stage of proceedings applying our technical knowledge.

Bostock White also boasts strong ties with many solicitors within the Nottinghamshire area and can recommend to you a solicitor specialising in the nature of your case.

Bostock White has the expertise to provide forensic services in a range of areas, such as:

  • Assistance in dispute resolution, including partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Business valuations for divorce proceedings
  • Calculating losses for an insurance claim
  • Reports as evidence for fraud and illegal acts
  • Investigations by HMRC, such as VAT investigations

If you require assistance in any of these matters or have any questions, please contact us today.